Books, How I love you!

My Top 5 Kindle Books (99 cents or less)

By Dianna

I love books, so I though I would miss the feel of that paper, the smell of a good used book, pages and old ink…I adapted in 4 minutes flat.  I thought I would share my top books that I found on Amazon.

Dead to Writes by Kathy Riley (99 cents)

A cute writer gets wrapped up in a murder investigation when her book sources begin to die.

Graveyard Games by Sheri Leigh (FREE)

Not the most developed book, but a nice easy read for the park or the beach.

Lethal People by John Locke (99 cents)

Donovan Creed is my new favorite anti hero. Further this series comes with twists I never anticipated.

The Sex Club by LJ Sellars (99 cents)

It’s not what it sounds like. Detective Jackson is on the scene to catch a mad bomber.

Moondance by JR Rain (99 cents)

Check out my full review.

Check back. As I keep reading, I will keep sharing.

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