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Time for another month’s worth of catch-up on General Hospital! That’s how it goes these days. I end up binge watching two weeks’ worth at a time, through my tag-team of Windows Media Player and Hulu Plus, and then hope I have time to get a column written once I’m done. So what do I think is the biggest missed opportunity since June? The most entertaining plot line? Even the potential for a show-wide theme? Read on!

That missed opportunity is assuredly the “death” of Ric Lansing. It’s not that I dislike the story; I think it’s been gripping, especially watching Liz, Molly, and Ric’s own responses to what the women were put through. Haley Pullos managed to find a good balance between righteous, heartbroken teenager and an annoying one, meaning she didn’t pierce any eardrums with shrieks of anger.

Nice job!

Nice job!

And the character has been just as endearing to me as the actress, especially when she asked for Alexis’s support while going through Ric’s things. It takes a lot of maturity to admit needing her mom while she’s moved out of the house in protest over her mother’s relationship.

Of course, the fact that Molly’s right about Ric, that he did nothing wrong (this time), also helps keep her in my good graces.

So what’s the missed opportunity in all this? Anna not sharing with Ric that she knows exactly what it’s like to do what he’s doing.

anna ric

As always, Finola Hughes communicated with her acting during those scenes how agonizing it was to let Robin believe she and Robert were dead for those many, many years so they could continue their WSB work—how long was it until Robin saw either of them again? A decade and a half? But while us viewers recognized the reasons for the pain in her eyes, Ric did not. Having an actual conversation between the two about what it had been like for Anna would have enriched that scene exponentially. Think of the history! Think of another excuse to give two fantastic actors delicious dialogue! Think of how much it might have helped assuage Ric’s guilt over “dying”!

I know it’s not popular with a lot of fans, but the most entertaining–by which I mean likely to make me laugh—plot right now is Nina and her revenge. She’s crazy. I laughed at loud when she threatened that physical therapist for touching her.

nina slap

Not the best way to keep a low profile, but Nina ain’t got no time for that. There’s revenge to be had! I knew the second she saw Rafe high that she was going to find a way to manipulate him, and that was well before her absolutely hilarious—because it was so obvious—rise from the wheelchair and ensuing temper tantrum. Is she working solely for herself? That sort of all-encompassing vengeance is the trademark of the Cassadines. She and Stavros could trade a few stories about the best ways to chew scenery. That poor medical plaque is already a casualty.

The best part of Nina’s storyline, of course, is how she and her sidekick are operating as the sarcastic mouthpieces of the writers, making fun of everything else going on in the town the moment they’re alone. They’re campy enough to get away with it, and I can’t wait to hear their combined opinions of Sonny.

The only surprising part of Nina’s story, though, has been the level to which Rafe’s fallen. He was way too much of a stalker during his crush on Molly, so I never warmed to the character, but I didn’t expect his turn to the darkside to go beyond stealing money for a drug addiction and being riddled with guilt over Baby Santiago’s eath.

rafe caught

I’ll admit it, he made me feel bad for him as he leaned against that hospital wall and listened to all his walls come crumbling down. But I didn’t think he’d actually been paid to run into Patrick’s car! Yes, the feelers had gone out earlier that either Luke had called in a hit on Emma to hurt Spencer or Ava had done the same to Sabrina to hurt Carlos, but I honestly thought all that had been dropped as fast as Jason’s promise to find Stan Johnson’s killer. Rafe, the hitman? Or at least, the adventure junkie if he was only supposed to sideswipe Patrick’s car. Guess we’ll find out which it is soon enough.

Rafe possibly joining the folds of those doing favors for mobsters reminds me of that emerging theme I’ve been picking up on. Anna flat out said it when she tried to warn Alexis off from Julian, however clumsily: “I know the pull the mob has over these guys.”
alexis anna

It came after a round of volleys lobbed toward both women for believing their men might truly have escaped the mob. The organization is being painted as an addiction itself and rejoining it as an inevitability for those who’ve had a taste. Their reasons for their returns are different—Duke’s inability to put vengeance behind him, Julian’s desire to protect his family—but they always return. Even those people who’ve long been away from it are being pulled back. I’m thinking of how Ric’s past acts made him such an easy target for EviLuke and Julian but also of the anvils dropping by the dozens that Carly and Sonny may be headed for a reunion, as she’s giving his actions her full support for the first time in years.

sonny carly anvils

Wasn’t she outright rooting for Sonny to kill Ava? Frankly, the fact that such a reunion might occur through a mutual rejection from Michael when he learns the truth makes me say, “Bring it!” Couple that with my severe lack of interest in Carly-dependent Franco—

He had my attention after this confrontation…until he folded to Carly half an episode later.

He had my attention after this confrontation…until he folded to Carly half an episode later.

–and factor in my distaste for all Sonny’s pairings since Kate of the Peace-Bringing Bob was around and my distaste for anything Carly’s ever done except marry Jax, which was eons ago, and you at least have  a better romantic match-up than what either character has going on now.

Le Sigh. Carly and Jax. They were so much fun and Jax actually made her a better person.

But can I just say I’m still annoyed they came together through the mutual baby-napping of Spencer? That something I enjoyed started with something as abhorrent as that still pisses me off. Carly was almost likeable! Why did it take something so wretched to make that happen?

Sorry. Sometimes I rage. Let us turn to happier things. I see the void created when Morgan and Ava stopped screwing on every available service has been filled.

shirtless morgan 2

The return of always shirtless Morgan is in the service of the greater good and revamping the waterfront district! That’s something we can celebrate, though I think it’s hilarious that the project is somehow launching with only two clueless young adults doing the restoration by hand. And this two-person endeavor in a single apartment unit somehow drew the attention of Guru Boyfriend and Maxie enough for them to even find the activity, much less protest it? How? I don’t understand.

morgan shirtless

Oh yeah. Suddenly it’s all clear to me again. And I do like that we now have multiple young adult age groups on the show and that they interact. So I don’t know where the waterfront plot is going, but I’ll invest in a unit.

Tracy putz

I withdraw that offer. If this project involves Tracy continuing to be portrayed as such a patsy for EviLuke, then I don’t want to watch it. Yes, Tracy’s desperate for love, but she’s never been so plain desperate before. I will only tolerate such an abominable treatment of the character if she’s withholding his heart medication by the end of it all. Now that’s the desparate Tracy I know and love.

Talk to me, people! Am I as insane as Nina for liking her plot? Do you still wish the mob was gone completely, even if its grip and repercussions are being more realistically shown of late? Could you stomach Carly and Sonny Round #53? I want to know. And I’ll see you back here in a few weeks.


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