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You know those dead-weight characters? The ones you’re 90% sure are around only to be eye candy and never to play a central role in a storyline? Well, I was convinced Jordan Ashford was one of those characters. My disinterest in her quickly shifted to outright loathing once she took on overseeing the drug shipments for the Jeromes. Another mobster? Please, like we need one of those. So when the twist that Jordan is a DEA agent was revealed, well, a smile broke out on my face, wide and happy.


Way to make my interest in a character skyrocket, Powers that Be! Dealing with TJ’s disappointment in her takes on an entirely new layer of meaning now. It makes the angst sharper and gives me someone to root for in the end—on this show, I always root for the cops and I’m sure as hell rooting for Jordan over Shawn. I love that it’s a woman operating undercover, too, as we don’t see too many of them in law enforcement, although General Hospital has a history of interesting policewomen in the far, far past. Remember Venus Ardonawski? Frisco’s old partner at the academy, Samantha? And of course, Anna’s been an amazing woman of the law on and off for decades. It excites my inner feminist to see her and Jordan working together on bringing down the Jeromes’ operation, even if they could pick a more secure way to exchange information than sitting on a park bench. I also appreciated Anna’s tough love approach to forcing Dante to take the hit for getting Jordan released.


Dante’s a great cop, and I liked that the show took the time to talk about the mark it would put on his record and that Anna felt she owed him the truth after demanding his compliance. The callback to his own undercover stint back when he was introduced on the show was great as well. Three law enforcement agents are now secretly working on Jordan’s mission, and thus, the plot has my full support.

I’ve been enjoying how integrated the current storylines feel; any ripple in one of them is having an effect on the others. Shoot Lucas, and you have his romantic suitors concerned, Julian’s hand forced back into the mob and thus drawing in Ric and Liz, Alexis nearly being duped into facilitating EviLuke’s attempted murder of Lucas, and the happy new Davis/Jerome family being shattered. Sadly, Patrick’s storylines still exist in a vortex, as they always have. As the hospital’s main character, he’s long been isolated from the rest of Port Charles, and I wish that weren’t the case. My unexpected fondness for his and Sabrina’s closeness in the face of tragedy remained as they dealt with Gabriel’s approaching death. Patrick’s mostly shown quiet acceptance—he’s lost loved ones before—while Sabrina at least momentarily showed some spark.


Fighting for Gabriel’s life put a little bit of fire in her soul, fire I’ve only seen before when she’s angry with Carlos. Killing the kid off is a good call in terms of story (yes, I may be going to Hell for thinking that), because a second child would weigh Patrick down once Robin returns. He can now make any additional choice between Sabrina and Robin without needing to think about Gabriel. But that doesn’t make the child’s death any less traumatic. Yet I doubt we’ll even get Mac and Felicia coming to give the distraught parents’ comfort. Why does it continue to be so hard for the hospital storylines to intertwine with the rest of the plots? The hospital-based character pool has increased in the last two years, adding Britta, Felix, Brad, and Sabrina, but for the most part, it still feels so far removed from the major action. Right now, that’s the Jerome/Luke/Corinthos storyline.

Paying my ticket to Hell outright, I’ll go ahead and admit I begged Sonny to shoot Ava in the stomach as soon as she said she was pregnant.

sonny ava gun

Ava’s particular brand of crazy is entertaining, but a pregnancy that saves the mother’s life, especially from Sonny, has been done far too many times. Not only does it mean I’ll have to listen to Sonny calling her a bitch, slut, whore for months, it means Sonny might have another child. I don’t want to live in a fictional world where that might happen. Sonny’s shot pregnant women before, and he doesn’t even love this one. I don’t think it’s was too much to hope he’d do it again. Sure, it’d upset Morgan, but it’s not like Sonny cares about that son, anyhow. Morgan’s fears of being the lesser son have proven well founded. Sonny was so concerned with how Michael would react to his killing AJ, yet he slept with Morgan’s girlfriend sparing barely a thought for his son, and he was going to kill her outright. Morgan can deal, I guess. Maybe he’s expected to trust his father’s swift arm of justice whereas Sonny knows Michael no longer does?

In other Port Charles news, we thankfully have Spencer’s pining for Emma on a lighter rotation for screentime. But apparently that’s so his father’s pining can take central stage. Nikolas deserves an award for easiest recovery from a broken engagement ever, while his former fiancée and her brother continue to garner ones for showing the least reaction to a maternity reveal and not-dead coma sister-cousin that I’ve ever seen.

We’re siblings and our cousin’s alive? Whatevs. Our mom wore the police commissioner’s face a few months ago.

We’re siblings and our cousin’s alive? Whatevs. Our mom wore the police commissioner’s face a few months ago.

It’s as though the portrayals mirror my own investment in those characters. I do like Britt for the occasional humorous line, but I don’t feel bad for her and never have. Nathan, um, seems like a good cop and a nice guy? I’m not interested in his burgeoning romantic triangle with Maxie, either. I don’t know what would attract her to him beyond a sparkling smile and that previously mentioned niceness. I don’t recall them building up a strong friendship before she left on her trip. Of course, anyone would look appealing next to over-the-top Levi. It’s sad that Maxie’s journey toward better mental and spiritual health has not resulted in her thinking she could be a good parent to little Georgie.


Which makes me wonder what it did for her at all beyond giving her a long list of “don’ts” and a hippie wardrobe that I covet. I’m glad she’s going to try and be involved in Georgie’s life regardless of Levi’s opinion that she should move on. I just hope she realizes there’s no test for parent-worthiness, either.

Prescription for Better Soap: Jordan best be instrumental in bringing down EviLuke, or I’m going to be rather disappointed. And don’t take the easy route repairing her relationship with TJ down the road—she’s still left him for years for her work. That said, she’s my girl. Please, please do a better job of making Patrick, and thus the hospital, an integral part of the storylines. You’ve done great with the rest of them—I believe in you, Powers that Be! You can do this too! And as a recent resident of Hell, I assure you there’s plenty of room for a pregnant-woman-shooting Sonny down here.


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