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I’m saddened that Morgan and Ava’s love affair appears over. Has there been a character on this show as explosively self-damaging since Carly 1.0 blew into town? This time last year, Morgan himself was on that path, but somehow, dating his ex-wife’s mother seemed to give him stability. But Ava, Ava–anything and everything wrong, she does it, and I’m never sure what that wrong is going to be until it happens.


ava sonny

I like her unpredictability, but now that she’s cheated on Morgan, I’m not sure there’s anything humanizing left to her, and I may have been rooting Julian and that gun on.  And I’m not sure she actually is self-damaging since she’s yet to take a fall for her actions beyond losing some respect here and there. The list of wrongs is lengthy at this point: Connie’s murder, multiple failed murder attempts, stealing information from her brother, sleeping with her daughter’s ex-husband, et cetera, et cetera. Though I suppose it pales in comparison to the rap sheet of at least one of the other villainesses taking up screentime.

obrecht cell

I’ve read complaints about how long the scenes were between Dr. Obrecht and her sister, the formerly dignified Madeline West, but I didn’t mind them. I wondered where they’d both been relocated while Franco and Carlos spent a week shooting the breeze between those cells—man, that set gets a lot of use. It was hilarious that Obrect and West reappeared in them a few days later; I guess they were invisible cellmates that whole time? Regardless of her invisibility superpowers, I like the idea of Dr. Obrecht having a secret sister and son, and while the potential incest was cringeworthy, Nathan and Britt as siblings works for me. What’s a Port Charles police detective without ties to murderers, am I right? Nathan’s had the calmest reaction to learning his mother is really his aunt that I’ve ever seen on television. And I’ve seen a lot of television! He’s been way more concerned about finding a new apartment to lease than about his real mother being a world-class criminal. Of course, accepting that was probably made easier by him having just learned his surrogate mother killed his supposed sister….and even more helpful is that the apartment is now home to potentially the most useless character I’ve ever seen on General Hospital.

new guy

That guy looks like he should be lifting weights in the background of a gym scene, not exchanging dialogue with Maxie Jones.  Do you think I can pull off ignoring his very existence for however long it lasts from here on out? Because I plan to.

Now for the other newfound sibling…

britt nathan

Britt, well, I’m not sure what I think of Britt now that all the baby truths have been shared. Do I think she was thatclose to running off with Ben at any given second during the last month? I rather do, and while it would have spared him the name of Rocco, a noble cause, it’s why I’m not convinced she’s changed much from the vixen who did everything she could to hold onto Patrick Drake. Yet she seems gung-ho about wanting to be a good person worthy of love, though she lied to Nikolas the whole time she was with him, too. She was really great with Patrick and Sabrina during the labor, but I don’t trust that she can resist her mother’s manipulations, much less deal with all the ways that being raised by that woman has screwed her up emotionally. However, I think I’m moving her to my “Rootable Characters” column for now…barely.

Would it be wrong of me to put Dante and Lulu in the unrootable column just for the Rocco naming? They committed the prior transgression of naming a child after Connie, too. I’m just saying, they’re wearing out my goodwill.

A goodwill that I’m now extending to Sabrina. I never thought I’d say it, but I appreciated Patrick, Sabrina, and Emma’s dynamic these last few weeks. The adults haven’t been pretending they don’t have a past, and it’s nice to see how supportive they’ve been of each other and Emma. It can’t be easy bringing a child into the world together when their own romance ended so abruptly. But there’s no bad blood between Patrick and Sabrina, and it shows. Patrick did care about Sabrina and imagined moving forward in life with her, so in a way, what’s happened isn’t that much different than how it might have been had Robin never returned. I think I buy their past relationship more now than I ever did when we were in the midst of it.

sabrina family

Of course, the drama of their child being born so early will bond them more whether or not he survives. And that’ll cause problems when and if Robin returns, but I’m more okay with that now that Robin left Patrick and Emma to try and save Jason. In part because Sabrina’s perfect fantasy of Prince Patrick was lost the moment he went back to Robin, and in part because I respond differently to Robin’s absence knowing it’s of her own volition rather than imprisonment. Not that anything with a Cassadine at the helm is truly Robin’s choice, but it’s close enough that my allegiances have shifted more to Patrick than Robin right now. If he’s tempted to rely on Sabrina, I’m not going to complain. And now that he’s broken up with Robin by phone–a choice I know he already regrets, but still made–I’m okay with whatever he does. Plus, I really, really don’t want Jason to come back anytime soon, which means Robin likely won’t be returning either. It’s been years, but I still feel like I’ve just been freed from Jason’s constant presence on my television.

Sabrina’s former paramour is also growing on me. I especially liked his building rage as he concluded that Ava made good on her threat to harm Sabrina.

carlos metal

Carlos is not a good guy, but I respect his love for Sabrina, think the actor has charisma, and wouldn’t mind a redemption story for him. I also think it’s interesting that Sabrina doesn’t think Carlos would do something like kill AJ for hire—has he hidden the truth of his work from her or is it self-delusion? Her reaction to his fake confession parallels the story going on with Shawn and Jordan.

shawn jordan

TJ would probably react the same as Sabrina if he learned the truth about the secrets they’re hiding to preserve his good opinion. Of course, Sonny and Carly are also hiding a huge secret to hold onto Michael’s love, and Olivia thought she could handle Sonny’s secrets, but she obviously had no clue how twisted he really is. Her self-delusion started the moment she stopped thinking of Sonny as a man she had to protect her son from rather than a man she could love again. Here’s hoping “accidental sex” is enough to make her see the light and not go crawling back to him.

Are these all lies told out of love or lies told out of selfishness? Maybe lies we tell ourselves to make it through the day? General Hospital is playing with all the angles of deception right now, and I’m enjoying it…as long as the liars eventually face their reckoning days, whether that be losing their children’s love or making it that much harder for their romantic loves to ever believe them again.


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