It’s Complicated– Denise’s Dish (GH)

general_hospital_19x3By Denise

I watch my soap for hot steamy messes…like Sam and Silas!  I am almost 5’9” and I have always envied women built like Sam.  I want to run across a room and jump up in my husband’s arms and wrap my legs around his waist.  I would probably knock him over if I did that and I am too scared to try.  Silas took total advantage of the ease of picking Sam up – they were all over the place.  I don’t know that I buy this couple – they have chemistry – but the story is killing me.  He’s’ got a wife, he may have killed her, he NOW goes to see her, he turns down the paperwork giving away her money, etc.  And we haven’t even gotten close to the fact that Rick is back in town.  That should cause some revelations.

I just realized Julien is wooing Alexis, somehow involved with Ric and Sam’s Dad.  That adds an extra element to Ric being back.  Can you imagine being Julien?  To find out that your Baby Mama who you are wooing, was married to your Lawyer/Possible Business Partner, who had sex with your daughter while your Baby Mama had cancer.  WOW!  That is a complicated mess.

Speaking of complicated messes – I knew that Nathan was going to be Nina’s brother.  But if Nina was SO close to her brother, how would Silas not know him?  I remember Silas stating that the initial marriage was good.  I still cannot bring myself to care about this story.  Too many new characters, with no toe to the canvas.

As I was watching Alexis and Molly today, all I could think was, “I WISH”!  Alexis took a gamble and it worked.  I have learned something, being the mother of a way too good looking for his own good, teenage boy.  If I had said what Alexis said, he would have grabbed the girl’s hand, gone upstairs and had sex.  Often.  He was apparently doing it while his Dad and I were downstairs – without our knowing.  I disagree with his choices, but unfortunately he will not listen to me.  I know it seems like Molly suddenly turned into a brat, but my experiences have shown me that teenage kids do just that.  They go from being sweet, loving kids to hormone-crazed monsters.  I have talked, I have grounded, I have begged and finally, I have bought condoms.

My problem with this is the fact that this is my real life.  I just don’t need to watch it on my soap as well.  My blood pressure spikes when Molly mouths back or talks bad about her mother.  I watch my soap to get away from the blood pressure spike I am getting from my own teenager!  I was really happy when Alexis and Molly decided to come to terms.  Those are the same terms I had to come to with my child.  He was going to have sex.  I could help ensure he had sex safely or I could kick him out of the house when I caught him sneaking around again.

I think Patrick’s story is spot-on.  I know a lot of people who have problems with the “Robin is leaving to go help Jason” story line, but I am okay with the story.  I am also okay with Patrick’s behavior.  Most of us have lost our temper around our kids.  We then apologize and try to make it better.  Children are quick to forgive.  Patrick has every right to be mad – to a point.  I don’t fully understand why he cannot treat this like she has to go away fro her job.  I work in disaster relief and when the bad stuff happens, I go away.  Sometimes I go away for months at a time.  My husband and kid adjust – they have been doing so since Hurricane Katrina.

What I don’t understand is why Robin cannot call Patrick.  He knows what she is doing.  I think it is so that Patrick is not left in limbo while the actress who plays Robin is gone.  I really want this writing regime to figure some things out.  People are okay outside of a relationship.  The world is not made up of couples.  And sometimes people go away to save lives.  They are in the  military, Mercy Corps, Peace Corps, Doctors Without Borders, FEMA, the American Red Cross and more.   It does not mean the end of a marriage.

What are my ideas to make GH better?  Have the détente with Alexis and Molly hold.  Keep up the integration of the cast – the AJ story line is a prime example.  Bring Dillon back to the Quartermaine house.  Keep up the intrigue with Luke’s behavior – but do not make him Bill Eckert.  I watched Bill die in Luke’s arms.  Let Robin call and Skype Patrick and Emma and let Patrick throw himself into his work.  Let him be a great Dad and awesome surgeon, who is unavailable.  Let a Mom in Emma’s class hit on him and let him explain that he is married to an amazing woman.  Let Patrick and Liz develop a friendship and become comfortable as single parents together.  Finally, please wrap up this Silas/Nina/Nathan story line.  No more NYC.  No more new characters.  Focus on the residents and history of Port Charles.

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