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gourmez3By Becca

So what else has happened in the last month of General Hospital? Robin’s left town again, Brad found himself in a romantic triangle, AJ found out who really shot Connie and promptly got shot himself, and Ric Lansing slithered his way back into town. What’s next, a return of Casey the Alien?

Admittedly, I would welcome Casey’s return. But I’m more mixed about Lucas’s. That seems to be an unpopular opinion among GH fans, but Lucas is doing nothing for me so far.

Though he seems to be doing something for Brad...

Though he seems to be doing something for Brad…

I think the biggest part of my problem connecting with him is how close he’s come to stalking Brad these last few weeks. I missed Lucas during his college years, so I don’t have fond memories to draw from about him excepting when Tony was wonderful to him during Tony’s death scene from the monkey flu. Otherwise, I last remember Lucas as a cute little kid. Grown-up Lucas’s refusal to respect Brad’s boundaries and stop sending him naked pictures even after Brad made it clear that he wanted no further contact was off-putting. Am I to root for them now that Felix has decided Brad’s too untrustworthy? Honestly, I’m as mixed on Felix’s reaction to finding those pictures. It just makes me think Felix is as much of a goody two-shoes as his roommate and makes me feel sorry for Brad, who was really trying. Felix apparently demands utter devotion from potential love interests, not just ones he’s officially dating. Feeling sorry for Brad was not something I expected to experience.

Ric’s re-entry into town has tasted remarkably finer to this palate. Or maybe it’s just that Rick Hearst looks remarkable finer to me?


His return is making Molly’s first sex story that much richer—and teen stories are rarely ever rich. I think the secret is that this one is more an examination of Alexis’s love life and how she’s projecting her own bad, ongoing decisions about sex and whom she loves onto Molly. Yes, Julian and Alexis are hot—

I’m not blind, people.

I’m not blind, people.

–but she has no right to preach to her daughter when she’s lusting after the newest mob boss in town…and each of her children has had a different mob-embedded father. So Alexis has her own questionable decision-making skills in regards to sex and she remembers what happened with too-young Kristina after Kiefer pressured and abused her, so I get why she’d be resistant to Molly having sex at a tender age as well. But Molly’s a smart girl and has shown she knows precisely how to be safe, yet Alexis didn’t budge on the issue at all until just yesterday. I’m not one to claim that Ric Lansing may have a point, but his disagreement with Alexis at least made her stop and think about why she’s been as unrelenting as she has. I’m not a parent; maybe Alexis should be that unrelenting about teenage sex, but I think she needs to do a lot more thinking about her own relationship with it first. I’m interested to see if her backing down is more about being able to live with acting out on her own hormones with Julian than it is about accepting Molly getting older.

Ric isn’t just aiming for brownie points with his daughter. He’s also buttering up old flame Elizabeth and probably…maybe…I’m no longer sure…aiming to take down Sonny again as the silent partner in the Jerome mob enterprises. To be honest, I don’t care what Ric’s doing. I just missed his face on this show. You can expect me to complain about too much mob in approximately four weeks, however.

When did Patrick Drake become the guy who loved his wife so much that no one else could insult her even when he’s angry with her choices?


Because I respect that guy so very, very much. I wouldn’t blame him at all if he chose to move on again, yet I believed him utterly when he swore to love Robin for eternity, no matter how hard it is. Patrick and Anna are in a battle over who can wrench my heart the hardest. And that’s a beautiful battle for a soap viewer to be in the middle of. It was sad to see him scare Emma but so, so, understandable.

I was nearly as wrenched by AJ’s near death.


I absolutely thought Sonny had shot him dead-dead when AJ flashed those vacant eyes, and I was flabbergasted. They couldn’t have spent the last year reintroducing him only for him to die, could they have? Not without letting AJ face his demons and winning! That’s all I want for AJ, for him to actually win over Sonny just once. I suppose his death causing an unbridgeable rift between Sonny and Michael would do it…but a near-death would have the same effect. Then again, I’m always hopeful Michael has finally seen his parents for the monsters they are only to have him forgive them again. That goes for all three parents—Jason too. Yet Michael doesn’t have much choice but forgiveness unless he forswears all his flesh, blood, and adoption papers. I’m still bewildered that RageMichael has become the most human of them all.

Prescription for Better Soap: Keep Ric’s focus on his family and his former flames rather than his vendetta against Sonny, unless you want to squander my good will. Dial back on the creep factor Lucas has exhibited toward Brad; when Brad seems like the victim, there’s a problem.  Let AJ pull through, because I won’t be able to take enough joy in Michael’s estrangement from Sonny if you don’t. And Patrick…honestly, you can do whatever you want with Patrick at this point. He’s got a free pass from me.


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4 Responses to The Doctor’s Order – GH

  1. Raven18 says:

    I thought Lucas went to medical school – isn’t it weird that he doesn’t have a job or anything to get back to in Seattle? Carly is safe now, so if he’s going to stick around PC, shouldn’t he be looking for some work? Not that that’s a popular thing to do in this town (i.e. Michael, Kiki, Morgan, Lulu, etc)

    • The Gourmez says:

      I think Lucas’s future is suffering from Soap Opera syndrome in which the outer world only matters if the character is leaving town. Hilarious that you point out how many people don’t see to have a job right now, though. I hadn’t considered that! Lulu may nominally still have the casino, and I think Michael supposedly works at ELQ in some capacity to support his father, but Kiki and Morgan? No clue. Must be nice. Makes running around with older women and the mob set that much easier.

  2. Julie says:

    No one has posted any GH posts on this site for over a month now. I miss them! :(

    • The Gourmez says:

      I know, Julie, I know! Getting a new GH column continues to be the top of my to-do list, but my paying writing gigs have been taking priority, as you might imagine. I hope to get a column up this week! Your continued readership is much appreciated.

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