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carlyrobinBy Denise

I have, in the past, defended Robin and her actions.  It’s funny to me, but the part that is making me mad is her interaction with Carly.  Now I have been watching these two since….well, the day they came on the show (I have been watching since 1979).  I have seen just about every interaction they have ever had.

On the surface, these two have so much in common.  They have been held hostage numerous times, they have been involved with Jason, they both had postpartum depression, they love Jason and Sonny, they are both businesswomen and mothers.

The Robin/Carly dynamic isn’t about the surface.  I used to think it was about Jason (it started out that way).  I never believed it was EVER about Michael, but the past decade, their enmity seems to have taken on a different flavor – one I think reflects poorly on Robin.

I think things started to change (for me) during the MetroCourt crisis.  I never would have been able to hold a grudge against someone who sewed me up (Didn’t she use a curling iron to cauterize?) and kept me from dying.  Carly had a choice; she could have panicked (Robin is HIV positive) and let Robin die.    The fact that right after the crisis, while Carly was still missing in the rubble, Robin and Elizabeth made fun of Carly made it feel a little too mean girls to me.

Then Brenda came back and she and Robin spent their time together immediately trashing and making fun of Carly.  That also felt a little mean girls.  I am not saying Carly is a saint, but she if up front about the Robin (and Brenda) issue and her feelings  AND she always seems to help Robin.

She tried to help with her postpartum depression.  She did help with finding the clue Lisa left.  She actually gave Patrick advice to fight for Robin (“I suppose you love her, but I do not know why”).

This latest conversation started off with Carly being nice.  Robin was nice too, but Carly asked if they could actually try to get along and not fight anymore.  Now, we all know why Robin is leaving, but Carly does not.  I DO believe she has some affection for Patrick.  I know that Carly cannot help but put her nose in where it doesn’t belong, but I thought Robin’s “If you knew, you would kiss my ass” spoke volumes about Robin.

See, I think Robin wants to be the hero like her parents.  I think she wants to save Jason.  I also think she has forgotten that she will be unleashing two more evil people in the world.

Yes, Carly may want to kiss Robin’s ass.  She loves Jason, but Carly thinks Robin is going to Africa  to help AIDS patients.  Important work, yes, but anyone looking at that would say to Robin, “What are you doing?  Do your research here.  You have a husband and child!” and WHO on earth would ever bring up anything personal with Carly?  That woman does not know how to keep her opinions to herself.  She was actually trying to be a good person and then Robin jammed all of her busybody, self–righteous buttons.

I wish Robin leaving had not come up in the conversation.  How great would it have been if they had agreed to be – not friends –  civil and good acquaintances, THEN Carly could find out that Robin left her husband and kids.  Maybe she could have comforted Patrick.

Seriously – imagine that.  Carly is just being a friend to Patrick, but they get closer. then Robin comes back with new-Jason.  Sam is with Silas.  Patrick loves his wife but is jealous of Jason.  Carly loves Jason and is jealous of Robin.  Robin wants Patrick, but also feels something for Jason.  Jason is confused about Sam and Silas.  Sam is too.  Patrick leans on Carly and Robin is jealous.

This is SO much more interesting than throwing a new character without any history or Sabrina taking back Patrick (which should NEVER EVER happen).

Some of you commented on Olivia letting TJ get the room.  I also thought she was wrong.  I think kids these days have sex too young and I think the attitude that “they are all doing it, so let’s all make sure they are safe” is not a good one.  I wanted my child to wait, but he didn’t, so, would it have been better if he had been able to get a hotel room and at least treat the girl right?  Probably, but I am still not good with the entire situation.  I think kids should wait – and I know that makes me old-fashioned.  So be it.  Olivia was wrong (and can you even rent a hotel room to an underage kid).  I hope Alexis finds out.


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2 Responses to Why Can’t We Be Friends? – Denise’s Dish (GH)

  1. ACarol says:

    I totally agree with you concerning Molly and TJ’s having sex. She is too young and to promote the idea that it is okay is sending the wrong message to young girls. Alexis has a tendency to over react to things but in this case she was right. I don’t like that they made Rafe the tattle tale in this but hey, there are no other teenage girls in Port Charles, so what’s a teenage boy to do? And please, please, please don’t bring Taylor back. (unless they can get an age appropriate actress to play her)
    I am not liking Olivia at all anymore. She certainly has become the busy body gun moll, hasn’t she? Perhaps she could become his enforcer. I don’t like the mob story line and never have been enamored with Sonny.
    I look forward to learning who is pulling the strings with Nathan concerning Silas; but I hope it is not the wife miraculously out of her coma. I did read something about an actress from another soap maybe being her. I hope not. We don’t have enough air time with our regulars and for them to bring in someone new will be very annoying.
    I want the baby story to be OVER so Lulu can know that Ben IS her baby, too. Britt is disgusting and I hate that Nicholas will be hurt yet again. I’m not sure I’m on board with him and Liz again but I don’t like him with Britt under the circumstances. And wasn’t it annoying that Brad was this close to telling Felix when that darn phone rang and he saw the name Lucas on it and changed the subject?
    I do like new Lulu so much more than I did JMB. She fits the role so well.
    I hate to see Robin leave again but knew she wouldn’t be around for the long haul. I don’t think I really want to see a recast Jason since Sam has moved on finally.
    Well, that’s it for me. There are so many more things that bug me but I mostly am really enjoying GH these days.
    (BTW, I read that the actors who play Britt and Morgan are an item.)

  2. MissyLady says:

    RC takes the time to bring on new characters for pairings but Liz keeps getting poop (Nik and Ric)!

    I enjoyed Quiz and then RC just had to trash the potential pairing for no reason at all!

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