Calgon…Take Me Away! – Denise’s Dish (GH)


I normally try for a song title, but right now, I need an espae from my soap!  The TJ/Molly storyline is too close to home (I have a 15 year old boy) and the Robin/Patrick storyline is tearing me up.  So I am going to hop in a sudsy bathtub and talk about the fun stuff….

Lucy & Tracy at the police station – OMG I laughed so hard.  Tracy totally knew what Lucy was hiding and the more she protested, the more obvious it became.  AT the end, when they were fighting over who was going to drive….priceless. 

Scotty & Luke curled up in the sanitarium.  I wish Anna had taken a picture before she woke up.  If it was me, I would have done so and then blown them up poster sized, framed them and given them as Christmas presents to Scotty and Luke.

Alexis and Julien.  I didn’t think they’d be so hot!  But they are.  I LOVE that Alexis was out of breath forever when Rafe showed up.  By the way – Rafe just lost my support.  I am not overjoyed with teens having sex, but a peer being the one who ratted them out – nope – not good with that.  I could excuse Rafe’s previous case of loose lips by saying “it is the right thing to do”.  But this time, nope – it’s pure jealousy.

Aaaargh – now I am going to sound like a crazy person, or maybe just a mom, but I have to talk about TJ and Molly.  Part of me was completely creeped out (I think because I know the actor who plays TJ is so much older), but part of me wished a similar scenario for every girl to lose her virginity.  But I wish they were older.  I was glad they established she was 16, because I thought she was 15 – I know, but somehow that one year is huge to me- as it made me feel a little better.  It is so hard to be a parent.  I mean I want my son to be safe, so I get him condoms, but he’s not mature enough for sex and so I tell him not to have sex – he gets mad at me for sending mixed messages.  I want him to treat women with respect, but I keep better tabs on him that Shawn apparently does.  My kid would not have the time or be able to book a hotel room for the night.  OK enough personal stuff  It takes over your life!  Back to my sudsy fun….

I still cannot wrap my mind around the fact that Olivia is now SO comfortable with the mob.  She is a TRUE mob moll, isn’t she.  Picking up folders from Sonny’s desk and reading them, asking all sorts of questions about the business….she SHOULD be Sonny’s enforcer – she’s shrewd, crazy and can kill you with a cannoli.

How cute is Dante with Ben?  And Lulu is understanding about it all – I swear that is the most likeable I have found this character since the new actress took over.  They are all kinds of adorable.  The only fly in my ointment is Britt.  There is no good ending to this scenario.  And, for me, that unfortunately leaves the door open for Liz.  Don’t get me wrong, I have love for Liz – I watched her as a teen go through the rape and the blossoming of young love.  I was even on board for her and Jason.  But now, it seems she only wants someone when they finally decide to be unavailable to her.  This is now becoming a pattern (Jason/Sam, Lucky/Siobhan, Nik/Brit).  Not attractive.

I did love all of the relationships the past two weeks – think about it – when was the last time we had so much familial interaction on GH?  Look at the ties:

  • Silas/Kiki
  • Lucas/Michael/Bobbie/Morgan/Carly
  • Michael/Sonny
  • Sam/Julien
  • Morgan/Lucas
  • Lulu/Tracy
  • Alexis/Julien/Molly/Danny
  • Dante/Sonny
  • Julien/Kiki
  • Robin/Patrick/Emma/Mac
  • Nik/Spencer/Victor

For the longest time, family members didn’t even talk to each other.  It used to be that we never even had Sonny and Dante talk, unless there was a crime committed.  We have families – families with generational ties – CORE FAMILIES interacting on the show.  I would love to see more Q interaction, but I am not going to complain, because at least we have families.  I swear I think they should move Bobbie back and have her reopen the brownstone.  Kevin and Lucy, Mac and Felicia and Morgan and Ava could all live there – COULD YOU IMAGINE?!  There could be an apartment for Lucas, one for Kiki and Lulu and Dante could get out of their loft and have a real place to live.

By the way – Rick Lansing – I don’t care if he’s bent on revenge – he is sooooooopretty.  Thank you.

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