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robinBy Denise

I already wrote one blog about the Robin situation, but I have to do another one.  Now, I think Robin is handling this badly and I think Patrick has every right to be upset.

But I cannot believe there wasn’t a gasp heard around the world when Patrick said,

“I cannot believe that you’re doing this to us again!  The last time that you did this, you were gone… for two years”.

Seriously?  OMG, if I had been Robin my head would have exploded.  I wanted her to completely lose her shit and say something to the effect of, “I didn’t DO THIS last time – I was kidnapped.  I called and talked to my daughter and you discounted that.  I called and talked to you and you discounted that.  People saw me and told you about it and you walked down the aisle with another woman and then took weeks to decide if you wanted me.  Don’t you DARE blame me for this.  I did not chose to leave you, trying for a cure for Jason had NOTHING to do with the explosion and it took me talking about leaving to get some real, honest emotion from you.  NOW you care?  I am MAD at you.  And I am MAD that you don’t understand the parallels.  Do you think that if the roles had been reversed….oh, wait, they were.  I was presumed dead and held hostage away from my spouse and child.  My MOTHER found out about it and dropped everything.  My MOTHER did not receive a phone call from me – YOU DID.  If…..pick a name…. oh, let’s go with Carly….if Carly found out I was alive and only she could save me a reunite me with you and Emma would you have wanted her to leave Joss and do so?  Don’t lie to me, I know the answer is YES”.

Do I like that Robin is leaving….nope.  Do I think her “death”, captivity and return were a great story…..nope (but they did have some GREAT moments).  But if this is the story we are given, I want Robin to get mad.  I would be.

Patrick gets to be mad (and isn’t Jason Thompson wonderful).  Emma will get to be mad.  But Robin has put up with things that should cause her head to pop off.

And (excuse me if I am scattered in the blog, but this story can be fixed) why can’t Patrick and Emma STILL go with Robin?  They could get a house.  Mommy could go to work every day and try to cure Helena, Stavros and Jason.  Then at night she can go home to her family.  Wherever they are being held, I am sure there is a hospital nearby where Patrick can work.  This is a HUGE hole for me.  I know that we don’t really want Patrick and Emma to leave Port Charles (just because one actress is leaving doesn’t mean everyone has to leave), but at least address the options.

I think the biggest shame for this story is that it seems to be so one sided.  We know how Patrick feels and we get it.  Many on the boards and in opinion pieces have said the same.  How could Robin leave her child, once again she is putting Jason first, etc.  But Robin has never been a doormat.  She has not expressed ALL of the emotion she should have felt when she came back.  Let us see some fire in her, let us see some anger and resentment, let us see the Robin we know.

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3 Responses to Bye Bye Bye – Denise’s Dish (GH)

  1. Julie says:

    Thank you. I completely agree with you. Robin can’t just ignore this information. She can’t go on with her life everyday just pretending she doesn’t know that Jason is out there somewhere and can be saved. How would she ever look Sam or Danny in the eye? Sonny? Monica? She didn’t go looking for this. This fell in her lap and she can’t ignore it. She has to act on it. And yes, Patrick and Emma should go with her but if that’s not an option then they should at least support her, knowing that she is alive and safe and will be back soon. They can call her and talk to her every day. I can’t blame Robin for this. I don’t see how she has any other choice, morally. (But I do blame the writers and wish they had come up with a better story)

  2. MissyLady says:

    Here’s the thing, KMc does not want to be on GH full time, and in order for Patrick/JT and Emma/BSv to leave PC, it would require two actors losing their jobs, and that, IMO, is not fair to JT or BS. It’s time to end Scrubs and let them reconcile IF and WHEN KMc decides to be on the show full time or just move Patrick on to being a single father, with occasional mentions that Emma is with Robin.

  3. Joy says:

    Now that Patrick knows she is leaving and why how are they going to handle it? If they tell everyone its to Africa for research how long are they going to leave Patrick alone until he moves on? Since he and Robin are still married he can’t legally move on until they divorce. He might get close to Sabrina because he wanted a child and she is having his (I still hope its Carlos). With Robin leaving this week I just don’t think they are going to address her leaving realistically–I mean will she be contacting Patrick while shes gone and if she is how can he move on? Also are we suppose to believe that when she leaves on Victor’s jet he is gone,I like him with Liesl and don’t think he’s leaving. I cannot bear people talking to the back of Robin’s head.

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