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KMcGH111121181144-300x245By Denise

I know everyone is upset about this Robin storyline.  I, too, wish the actress would stay.  But I have no control over that and I want the best for her – I’ve been watching her since she was a little girl – I even watched when she was on Joan of Arcadia with Amber Tambyln.

Now, I have a weakness for my soap.  But I also have, what I consider, and inner strength.  I buy the stories they tell me.  Sometimes it takes some mental gymnastics, but sometimes, I can totally relate and probably have put more thought into the character motivations than the writers.

I understand why Robin would leave.  First of all, she has not dealt with the trauma of her years of captivity.  But think about it, this woman was held for TWO YEARS and no one came and saved her.  She kept hoping, but she found out later that everyone thought she was dead and no one was looking for her.  She had a husband, a mother, a small child and they moved on and mourned her.  JUST LIKE JASON!

Robin has got to relate to this to an amazing degree.  In this case, Jason isn’t her old love – he is just like her.  Wouldn’t she have wanted Jason to leave his family to save her?  When she got to Wyndermere, wasn’t that the first thing she said to Faison – “Jason will come for me”.

She also has an example in her father.  Didn’t he get “blown up” in a boat and stay away?  It was a WSB thing, right?

It is not abnormal for everyone around Robin to sacrifice time with their kids for the better good.  Frisco, Felicia, Jax, Carly, Sonny, Jason, Olivia, Nik…have all either left their child, sent their child away, denied paternity, etc. in the name of keeping that child safe or helping someone (or an Agency) that really needed them.

That’s my take on the situation.  I am not going to be mad at Robin.  I’m just not.

Now, I WILL be mad at Sabrina if she takes back Patrick.  No man should leave a woman at the altar for a woman he loves more and then get that woman back when the “true love” is gone again.  Patrick cheated on the “love of his life” Robin.  If he knows that Sabrina will take him back after this, I think it would make it even easier for Patrick to cheat on Sabrina.

I know people like Patrick and Sabrina together. I have never felt passion – from either one of them.  I feel like Sabrina had a hero-worship crush and felt like a Princess when he chose her.  It was all wrapped up in her not really feeling worthy.  Sabrina is beautiful, smart, has a good career….she is a catch.  Carlos has figured this out.  He really loves her.  And Sabrina is SO MUCH MORE INTERESTING when she is around him.  She has fire and a backbone and doesn’t drive me crazy.


Other notes on the show:

Speaking of crazy, I love the fact that Heather’s plan has some obvious holes.  Time of Death anyone?  Heather is certifiably crazy – so her plan shouldn’t be perfect.

I do wish that Michael had said something unforgiveable to Kiki so that they wouldn’t be okay when it turned out Franco was not responsible.

Are we still supposed to root for Sam and Silas now that we know Jason is alive?  I am, because I like Same better without Jason.

Lucas was unfair to Julien.  Give him a minute to accept and process the fact that his son is gay.  Julien handled it badly, but if I remember correctly, Bobbie handled it much worse.

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4 Responses to Try to See It My Way – Denise’s Dish (GH)

  1. MissyLady says:

    I really wish the writers would end married couples like Robin/Patrick and Sam/Jason when they know the other half of the pairing is leaving the show, and stop showing us that the supposed “dead” spouse is still alive. Today’s social media makes it harder and harder for fans to move on and let the old pairings go and welcome in the new ones.

    It’s really time for KMc to decide if she wants to be on GH full time or let it go and move on to becoming a movie director. Patrick needs to be able to move on and that is never going to happen if KMc keeps running back and forth to GH.

  2. Julie says:

    I agree with everything you said except for the Jason and Sam part, sort of. If Jason comes back as Steve Burton, then I want Jason and Sam together. If Jason comes back as someone else, I would have to see who that actor is and see if they have chemistry before I can say if I want them together or not. Though I am leaning toward together because of Danny and I like the idea of a family being reunited and actually staying together.

  3. Denise says:

    I agree about more of a hybrid. I want Jason to be at least a little torn about being an enforcer. I want him to love the Qs (and hate them – like all good Qs do), but I also want to see the struggle between Jason Q who wanted to be a Doctor and Jason M who is a killer.
    I didn’t dislike Sam and Jason – I actually fell for them during the Baby Lila storyline. It was just that the past few years, I felt that we totally lost Sam. The only time I liked Sam again was during the MetroCourt Hostage thingy – then she went back to always having to be saved. That was not the Sam that first showed up on my screen. Neither was the one who blamed Alexis for Danny dying or Liz for “stealing” Jason. I have seen more SAM these past 6 months than I have in years.

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