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While I’m still digesting the hilarious pairing of Victor Cassadine and Dr. Obrecht, enjoying how much more exciting jail scenes are when suspects can talk to each other through their bars, and wondering why anyone would ever want to bring Jason Morgan back, let’s talk a bit about secrets. Bobbie tried to keep Lucas’s father a secret, Sabrina caved on keeping her own secret after a few weeks, and Felicia is attempting to keep Lucy’s affair with Scotty a secret. Perhaps Felicia should learn from the first two?

We could go around and around about how all these characters should know better by now than to keep secrets, but if they never did, what would be the point of a soap opera? Without the badly reasoned — but rooted in love — decisions to keep a secret, we wouldn’t have moments like Lucas standing up for himself to his mother. I loved how he spoke as the grown man he is, making it clear that whether or not he should pursue a relationship with his father is his choice. Keeping secrets takes the ability to make educated choices away from people, and that never ends well on a soap or in real life.

Lucy, I think is starting to stop keeping secrets from herself.

lucy scott tumble

Like Lucy, I thought her sleeping with Scotty would be a one-time thing, but she definitely wants more, and she’s being honest about it now rather than simply berating herself for wanting something that she shouldn’t. I’ve always treasured the friendship between Chief Port Charles Plotters Lucy and Scott, and I thoroughly enjoyed their brief affair in the early 1990s and the deeper friendship bond they developed through Scott losing Dominique and Lucy giving birth to and helping him raise Serena. But I’m just as conflicted as Lucy about the affair because she and Doc are an iconic soap pairing, one that was full of so much humor and so well developed. This feels like a story about a mature woman accepting her own conflicting desires, and I’m excited to see Lucy work through them.

I also like watching Felicia try, and fail, to keep no secrets from Mac because I’m of a mind that she still needs to prove herself to him and to me. And she valiantly tried to do just that by exposing Lucy the first time, but now the secret is close enough to the truth Mac already knows that I get why she’s choosing to give Lucy some leeway.

felicia secrets

But it’ll come back to bite her. Secrets always do.

I was about to volunteer to shake Liz for keeping the secret of Sabrina’s baby from Patrick before Sabrina broke herself. I honestly didn’t buy that Liz would hesitate at all to spill the beans to her friend, but I don’t believe that Felix, or Sabrina for that matter, would have kept the baby’s parentage a secret either. “They’ve gone through too much already” does not make for a convincing argument. While both Liz, but mostly Sabrina, deal with blow-back from Patrick, I’m just relieved that storyline played out as fast as it did.

Lulu only barely kept her husband a secret from Detective West, and I didn’t mind it because it’s led to her developing a new friendship of her very own. Running away into the arms of an attractive man is becoming her new default for working out problems at home, but at least she’s fully aware that she does love Dante this time around.

lulu confides nate

And Nate provided the sounding board she needed to work through her anger at Dante. I’m so glad she can now admit that she’s not actually angry with Dante. Her leaving him wasn’t really about that, though she couldn’t see it through her grief before. But now she realizes that the anger was just an excuse to avoid dealing with her grief. Baby Connie (still the worst name ever due to association with her namesake) is everywhere in their loft, and it makes so much more sense that she just couldn’t stand being in the same place as all those memories. A few more heart-to-hearts with Nathan and maybe she’ll be on her way to reconciling with her husband completely. I just wish we saw more of how Dante’s coping with the loss of both his daughter and his wife. Dominic Zamprogna’s acting convinced me that Dante was on the edge of losing it before Lulu made overtures, but I wish he had the storyline to go with that rather than just a few reaction scenes. Instead, he’s chasing down Franco and investigating mobsters like always. Is it too much to ask that he get an emotional breakdown too?

Speaking of those mobsters, it cracks me up how, even when they’re family, they change allegiances at the flip of a coin.

ava gun

One heartfelt “I love you” exchange with Morgan, and Ava was ready to shoot her own brother on her young lover’s behalf. She is absolutely the most volatile player on the board right now, and I love that about her. That scene where she threatened Julian exposed how much she craves feeling loved, no matter how fast the fancy may flee. She’ll do anything to protect that connection, which is what she did by trying to kill Silas’s wife. I wouldn’t mess with Ava at any cost, and I think Julian knows better. Placating her is the best outcome. Plus, I have to love Ava — I have no idea why she killed Connie, but I will be forever grateful.

Prescription for Better Soap: Keep Ava precariously balanced on the pinhead of love so that she’ll fall off it often enough to keep me entertained — she may be as messed up as Claudia Zacchara! Spend time focusing on Dante’s grief now that Lulu is working through hers. Lucy’s conflicting feelings for both Scotty and Kevin are worthy viewing for me, but let’s not have that secret held for too long, mmkay? I get rather impatient waiting for secrets to unravel, and I always, always think less of the secret keepers later (I’m looking at you, Jason, Sonny, Jax, Carly, Robin, and anyone who’s ever kept a paternity secret too long).


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