Denise’s Dish – Crazy (GH)

heathergh2013By Denise

I tried twice last week to write a blog.  Yes, I was traveling and that makes things difficult, but I don’t think that was the reason.  I SHOULD have liked last week’s show.  I had all 3 of Sonny’s boys actually working together and acting like brothers.  Carly was actually IN a story.  We had all of the Spencers in Carly’s house.  Anna was actually doing police work with Dante.  We even had Quartermaine snark.

But my enthusiasm just wasn’t there.  Why?   I think certain characters are acting crazy and bringing me down.

Sabrina – really, you would keep Patrick’s child away from him?  You saw how he fell in love with Britt’s baby and how he was brokenhearted after the baby wasn’t his.  You know he loves being a Dad and wanted to be a good Dad to that baby.  This is 2014.  Couples that split up share custody.  You could do that. Britt wasn’t bad because she was pregnant with Patrick’s baby.  She was bad because she lied about being sick and was trying to use that baby to get Patrick to commit to her.

Heather – Enough!  I have always loved me some Heather Webber, but this ability to be out of a mental institution for so long is absurd.  At least make her say goodnight to Carly and announce she has to go check in at the institute or someone will notice she is gone.  And speaking of that, how stupid is Franco?  As next of kin, doesn’t he wonder why he hasn’t been notified that Heather is missing?

Sonny and Olivia – Sonny has always cared enough about his women to keep them out of the mob.  Olivia lied about her child’s paternity to keep him out of the mob.  Now Sonny tells Olivia everything and lets her participate?  Next thing you know, she will be his enforcer.  Ugh.  I don’t like it – at all.

I swore when I started this column, I wouldn’t just complain. So things I did like:

Lucas – Jumped right into this, natural actor, great family ties.  Love that he wanted to get to know Sam.  He makes me smile.

Tracy – Tracy is afraid of raccoons!  Love it.  I love when these strong characters show a weakness.

Scotty – Trying to protect his son and being a crooked DA – THAT is true to character.

Sometimes it feels like there are too many characters on my SOAP, but when MOST of those characters have such history, I can deal.  I smile every time I see Lucy, Scotty, Kevin, Mac, Anna, etc.

Just dial down the crazy….okay?

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