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gourmez3 By Becca

So we’re in a mob war on General Hospital. Did I miss 2014 and end up back in 2011, the last time there was a mob war in town? It was the Balkan then, and if you don’t remember him, then, well, you’re blessed enough to probably have forgotten most of Brenda Barrett’s last stay in town. I wish I had your memory, though I’ve discovered my own selective one is becoming quite handy these days. For instance, there’s something familiar about Scotty being scorned by his old friend and lover, Lucy Coe, in favor of her one true love, something about the same thing happening to him with another old love just this summer…maybe someone he was married to? It’s all very fuzzy, but it’s sure easier to enjoy the show that way.

I also can’t seem to recall what’s happening with the teenage love triangle between Molly, Rafe, and TJ. Is Taylor even around? Rafe’s been complaining about pretending to be her boyfriend, but I haven’t seen her anywhere. Maybe he’s pretending to have an imaginary girlfriend? That worked for Georgie and “Elvis” once upon a time. Wow. I’m impressed I remembered fake Elvis at all. My interest in the teenage storyline is nil, but for what it’s worth, Molly rocks for standing her ground with Rafe, refusing to be flattered by his continued obsession and making it obvious that if he continues it, he’s going to lose her friendship. Way to be clear, fair, and honest, Molly!

Much clearer than my screencap, at least.

Much clearer than my screencap, at least.

That’s the sort of girl I’d expect Alexis to raise. And because Kristina has fallen off the face of the planet (Did she move with Trey to LA? Don’t answer that; I don’t really want to know.). I can easily pretend Molly’s the only child Alexis has raised. Selective memory is my friend! But I can’t express how much more interested I would be in watching Rafe bond with Silas than I am in Rafe nursing an unrequited crush like Sabrina did all last year. It doesn’t do the character any favors, despite his adorable cherub face.

Good start.

This was a good start.

Speaking of Silas, I’m impressed I remember there was drama hinted at between him and Ava beyond being torrid former lovers. With the new cop in town–

And welcome, good-lookin’.

And welcome, good-lookin’.

–it appears that teased-at history is finally going to be explored, featuring a comatose wife after a botched attempt to take her life. I officially theorize that the wife actually made herself comatose, intending the poison, or whatever it was, for Ava. In standard soap style, of course, this all comes out right after Silas and Sam have taken the next step in their relationship. I’ve been enjoying the soap’s love scenes far more than I usually do (no, I don’t plan to explore what that says about me), and Sam and Silas’s was no exception.

sam silas sexThere was palpable longing between the two, and I can see how Sam’s drawn out his playful side, unlike say, Carly with Franco. Sam’s taking a risk with her heart for only the second time since Jason, and I’m surprised she was as open to Silas’s explanations as she was. I’m cheering that relationship on throughout the months of mess sure to come for them from this revelation. But I’m not cheering on their other endeavor: Silas for Chief of Staff.

monica cosMonica is obviously the best person for the job—and yes, I’m invoking my selective memory to cover anything related to her prescription pill or alcohol abuse in recent years. It’s Monica! I may not favor legacy in my real-life politics, but I sure do for my soap opera ones. She’s been backburnered for a decade and a half; the least she deserves is that position at the hospital. Not some Jerome clinger-on.

Which brings me to my only real disappointment at the moment: Julian Jerome.

julian morganGranted, he’s the most well-developed and well-connected foe we’ve had for Sonny in ages–there’s a reason it’s so easy to forget the Balkan. But since Julian’s reveal, he’s done little more than act like a typical mob boss. And guess what? That basically makes him Sonny. We’ve already got one of those. I was interested in Julian as a publishing magnate, not as someone who threatens the young, confused adult sleeping with his sister. I was interested in him as a man discovering he had a whole family he never knew about, not as someone bullying those same new relatives into getting more details about Lucas. I wanted him to fall for Alexis and the child and grandchild they share, but I’ve lost that desire now. I wanted him to get to know Sam, but with his tactics for gathering information, I don’t blame her for her reticence. Before the reveal, Julian was sympathetic due to his growing awareness of how much he didn’t know he’d lost. Now he acts like those relationships are owed to him rather than something he should earn, and that doesn’t engender good feelings from me. Being as I never thought it was wrong of Olivia to hide Dante from Sonny all those years due to the life Sonny lives, I can’t hold that impulse against any of Julian’s relatives either.

Prescription for Better Soap: Remind me why I enjoyed Julian at first, and resist the impulse to make him into Sonny 2.0. Give me genuine romance between Silas and Sam so I’ll be invested in seeing them still together at the other side of the comatose wife mystery. Give Rafe something more interesting to do than mope after Molly, and by all means, give Silas a better goal than taking away the Chief of Staff position from a legacy character who deserves it.

Thanks for reading! See you in two weeks for the next one, I hope.


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