Denise’s Dish – A Change Will Do You Good (GH)

ghlogoBy Denise 

What a difference a month makes.  I find myself liking and being interested in things and people I never would have guessed.  I also find myself uninterested in people I would have thought I’s care about.  Let’s dissect. 

Morgan and Ava.  I think she may have fallen for him.  I still don’t think Morgan is mature enough to know what love is and I don’t think he’s in love with Ave, but Ava? Hmmmmm.  I think it was the Christmas stocking.  Never mind the face that Morgan surely used Ava’s card to buy the stocking and presents (and the stocking and presents he bought for himself), I am sure there is some backstory where Delila ws at the bar and forgot to get stocking stuffers…or something.  Maybe she and Britt could get stuck in an elevator and talk about how bad their childhoods were – and share stories of paternity swapping.  Oh the things people have in common.

CAARRRRRLOS and Sabrina.  I don’t like Sabrina.  She was too innocent, perfect in nursing class, always the victim, acted like a 14 year old with a crush, etc.  At first the Carlos thing felt like a ploy, but I tell you what.  Sabrina has got fire and a personality with Carlos.  And that man LOVES her.  He listens and counsels and doesn’t judge and knows her.  He wants what is best with her and would do anything to be with her. He is open about how he screwed up his life and he would change that for her.  He doesn’t judge or pity her.  If I were Sabrina, I would be like “Patrick who?”!

Carly and Franco.  I don’t know about Franco, but I am enjoying this storyline with Carly.  Her sons are talking, Sonny is referencing his history with Carly, Bobbie is involved.  I’ll take it.  Franco isn’t even bothering me.  The only two in this story that are bugging me are Heather (enough with the over-the-top explanations) and Kiki.  Kiki needs something that is her own and is interesting.  DIdn’t she go to her Dad for a job at the hospital?

Speaking of her Dad.  I am strangely uninterested in Silas’ wife.  I thought Sam hit all of the right notes in the beginning with Silas (I love it when someone says something like, “Or we could talk about your WIFE”).  I like the new cop (he’s pretty), but I just don’t care.

Would still like more hospital scenes, and not just of gossip, but maybe actual sick people or shootings or whatever it takes to get the Doctors and Nurses actually having stories AT THE HOSPITAL.

Let me know what you think.

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One Response to Denise’s Dish – A Change Will Do You Good (GH)

  1. ACarol says:

    I think GH is too quickly introducing problems for characters who have just gotten together–Sam/Silas & Patrick/Robin. After years of missing and longing for his wife, do we have to introduce into the plot a pregnant Sabrina? And now we have the deception started with Carlos making up the story that it is his baby. Blah..Been there, done that.
    Sam and Silas (and does anyone else wish he could still be John McBain?) could have at least had a month or two of bliss. I don’t know why they had to bring in a comatose ex-wife. Blah again.
    Your comments are interesting and I enjoy them, so keep up the good work.

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