Denise’s Dish – Welcome to Fantasy Island (GH)

Fantasy-IslandBy Denise

I live a huge fantasy life when it comes to my soaps.  I can believe in aliens, tumors, reincarnation and ghosts.  I also make up stories while my “characters” are off screen.  I believe we haven’t seen Liz because she has been working and spending time with her boys – it is the holidays.  I picture her having Christmas dinner with her Gran.  Maybe she even took a road trip and the kids got to go to Graceland.  Liz also visited her brother in jail while they were in Memphis., while her sister watched the kids.

I love it when the writers give little hints that made my fantasies seem real.  The past two days, we have found out that Carly did NOT know that Morgan had been in the shootout, she DID know he was involved with the Jeromes, she DID invite him over for Christmas, but “I mean, I called him a couple times, but he wouldn’t call me back. I miss our son”.  We learned today that Bobbie has been staying with Carly, that Joss is seeing Jax (just like most kids with divorced parents).  We only seem to see Carly with Franco, but two days, a little conversation and I can convince myself that she is still handling all of her responsibilities

I always bought that Morgan was happy at school and on the fun trips Carly and Jax  mentioned.  It is what is making his whiny attitude difficult for me.  I laughed out loud when Franco said to Ava, “Poor Morgan, sweating it out at a private school in his boat shoes, and Michael was here, basking in the glorious upbringing of gunshot wounds and al Pacino movies. I’m totally — I get it that Morgan was so jealous that he had to fool Kiki into marrying him”.

In my mind, I write back stories and “fill in stories” for everyone.  For example, I believe that Dante is still working on who shot Olivia and Connie.  I believe that Lucky is NOT a deadbeat Dad, he is being held captive by an ally of Helena.  Maybe they brainwashed him and he doesn’t know he has kids at home.  Jax is constantly in touch with Joss – they Skype every night and he and Carly have a good working relationship.  I believe Molly talks to Rick, Tracy talks to Ned and Dillon and Sonny visits his Dad in rehab.

Speaking of fantasies (or maybe nightmares) Heather (who’s middle name is Meyers-Vorhees) is back and she has taken Carly to kill her.  Fun dialogue between the two of them, I think I miss the Todd character the most because I miss the “Crazy Calling” ringtone. It looks like Heather has learned her lesson – this time, she has a plan.  We all know that everyone is going to think that Franco or Ava will be the one that took/hurt Carly.  I hope Carly mentions the fact that she has been kidnapped before – shoot, she was held in a panic room for months.  Carly is a survivor.

Someone who is not living a fantasy life right now is Morgan.  It remains to be seen if Morgan is a survivor.  He has gotten himself embroiled in the mob, put his family in danger (I am talking about Carly and Joss – not Sonny and Michael) and is falling apart.  He now KNOWS his Dad loves him, but he is in a bad place and is going to get seriously hurt.  In my fantasy world, Michael or Sonny will find a way to get Morgan out of the mob and Morgan will know that he was wrong all along.  It is also interesting to me that Morgan MAY think that Julian took his Mom, but may be afraid to tell anyone.  So many possibilities.

In other news, Lulu left Dante.  I am okay with this.  I have not felt the connection with them and I had gotten to the point where I was just sad every time I saw them.  Lulu left her hubby and is eating out at the MetroCourt is a short sparkly dress (in my fantasy world, she went shopping with Carly – that dress is so Carly and retail therapy is a good for all that ails you).

And finally…my favorite triangle?  Scotty/Lucy/Kevin.  I have watched all of these characters for years and I have “shipped” both couples.  They have good back story and have current ties to character and storyline (DA and Franco’s psychiatrist).  This, to me is a good use of history and the vets.

Let me know if you enjoy the column, have similar or differing opinions…or whatever

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