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Happy-New-YearBy Denise

We have no GH today and it is the end of the year….time for a blog!

I am going to continue my “analysis” of the GH scene. 

Liz:  I wanted Nik and Liz.  I could not for the life of me figure out why she would choose AJ – a major work in progress – over the Prince.  I did not buy her insta-feelings for AJ.  And I wish that Liz would stop trying to fix her men.  Find one that has his stuff together – Nik  fits that bill (as much as any soap guy does).  If not, maybe when Dante and Lulu explode (I don’t know any spoilers, but I can see it coming), she and Dante could get together.

Britt:  I find myself liking Britt against my will.  She is so wrong for keeping Dante and Lulu’s baby and I don’t know how she can keep quiet looking at what is going on.  I am still mad at Lulu for the custody case, so I think it would be interesting if Britt sued Lulu for custody when this all came out.  That being said, I don’t know how she is going to survive this.  I mean, Carly did – but at least the child was hers.  Jax did – but he stole Nik’s baby – I would think that memory would not let Nik forgive Britt.

Carly:  I prefer to think Carly is at home spending Christmas with Joss.  I understand Carly (just like I understand Maxie).  I think she was initially attracted to Franco on the bridge when he reminded her of Jason.  The fact that he had a brain tumor (like Jason’s brain damage) that could be blamed for all of his bad actions, further cemented her waffling.  I liked that she didn’t change her mind because of the dvds – I thought that was a weak move.  But the brain tumor – in Carly’s world – brain trauma is a major life changer (Jason, her, Michael).  Plus, Carly likes two things – men who won’t leave her  (and she is all Franco has) and men who are wounded (Sonny, Sean).  The fact that Franco turned around and saved Michael’s life probably wipes the slate clean for someone with a black and white view of the world like Carly has (she found grudging forgiveness of Rick when he saved her life after the warehouse blew up).  That being said, TPTB really need to let her find out about Morgan and the mob, him shooting Max, etc.  It will be interesting to see how she handles this in light of what happened with Michael shooting Claudia.

Speaking of Franco:  If we are going to have Franco, let him have his own story – one of redemption.  I found him MUCH more interesting when he went to see Kevin.  Let’s have him struggle.  Let’s have him show remorse.  Let’s have him be the town pariah, but slowly have redemption (some should still hate him).

Anna:  Love her.  She has been so wonderful recently with Robin.  I remember rooting for her and Robert when everyone wanted Anna to be with Duke.  Part of me still feels that way.  I just feel like Anna could tell Robert ANYTHING and vis versa and she and Duke ALWAYS have some lie in between them.  I don’t buy Duke’s excuse that he is back in the mob to protect Anna.  Anna is a former WSB agent and the police commissioner – she is MORE than capable of protecting herself – more so than either Duke or Sonny – in my opinion.  BTW, Anna, now that you are back in PC – what about Olivia’s shooting?

Speaking of Olivia, I cannot stand her.  I think she is pretty and the actress is talented, but she is a walking contradiction.  She kept her son away from Sonny because he was in the mob.  And now, with her demands to know everything, she is in the mob.  I would love to see her picked up for a mob related crime, have the feds put pressure on her by threatening her son (look into the times he has covered up for his Dad) and see who she chooses.  I think she would choose Sonny (sadly enough).  Then, Sonny’s enemies can decide she is the key to pulling down the Corinthos organization and can take her out.

My New Year’s wish list:  Carly with her own story, NOT revolving around Franco.  Please put Liz back on our screens.  Let there be more hospital and fewer babies.  Write a realistic gay couple.  If we are going to have the mob, let us have a good police force and legal system – it’s about balance people.  Fewer repeat episodes.

Happy New Year to you all.

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