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I find myself writing posts on message boards and visiting a few other GH blogs daily.  I am always looking to read more about my soap.  And GH is my soap.  I started watching in 1979.  I would take an earlier bus home from school (I wasn’t really supposed to do that – but GH was on at 3) and walk an extra mile home, just to catch GH.  I have always loved the stories – Luke and Laura, The Ice Princess, The Asian quarter, the Aztec Princess, L&B Records, The Nurses Ball, Clink…Boom, Quartermaine pizza at Thanksgiving and more.  I fully embrace this soap as mine and I love it – even when I hate what is happening on my screen. 

GH has carried me through and awful schools experience (I was seriously unpopular), crazy days of college, my 5 (6, 7, 8?) careers and my marriage.  My husband doesn’t get it – but he does accept it.  I also got my own son (he’s my stepson – but he lives with us) addicted.  Doing my part to keep GH around.

About me – I work disaster response and travel the US.  I am a volunteer firefighter and EMT when I am home.  I am married to the best man ever and I have a great kid.  I will reference them often.  I live in Oregon.  OK – that’s my intro – let’s get to my Soap.

We will soon turn to a daily recap/celebration/ramp, but for now, let me give you my thoughts on where come characters stand:

I am loving GH right now.  While there have been mis-steps, the Robin return was a home run.  I loved the league of villains, I loved the drawn out return (anyone remember when it took weeks of Brenda skulking around GH to announce she was alive – and only then AFTER Jax married Skye?).  I adored the scene at the church.  I hated that Patrick went after Sabrina for DAYS.  I understood the initial, but I thought he should come home fast.  Like most of the GH world, I feel like more time and discussion needs to be had around the trauma that Robin has been through the past two years.  I also think they need to have a discussion about all of the signs that Robin was alive and the calls she made to Patrick and Robin.  I would need to air that out with my husband if I was her.

I have – I think – a pretty unpopular opinion about the Maxie/Spinelli/Lulu/Dante mess.  I understood Maxie’s motivations.  I think she started out to be a surrogate for all of the wrong reasons – THAT was when I was annoyed with her.  But, as she went through the procedure, gracefully handled Lulu’s overbearing attitude and was trying to do the right thing.  I thought losing the baby was tragic, I thought sleeping with Spinelli was fate (she encouraged Ellie to go after Spinelli that night – selflessly – but what man sleeps with his “other love” the second he feels his “current love” doesn’t want him?).  I thought she tried to do the right thing initially, when she was going to tell Lulu – but I also thought she was afraid.  Afraid of losing her best friend (think about it – in a short period, Maxie lost Georgie, Robin and Spinelli).  Afraid of Lulu blaming her and being over the top angry.  And afraid for Lulu’s mental state (she was wound really tight).  She also didn’t want Spinelli to be with her because of a baby – even though he chose Ellie.  Was it a smart decision?  Nope.  Was it understandable?  I got it – I wouldn’t do it – but I got it.  Has Maxie paid for her bad choices?  In spades.  I want Lulu to pay now.  I thought she was mean and hateful during the pregnancy and after.  She didn’t care about Maxie’s health after she gave birth, she was awful to Dante in the courtroom.  And there was accusing Maxie of killing Robin – I don’t think I can ever forgive Lulu.  That was a line for me.  And she crossed it.  We may be over.

Morgan is driving me crazy.  I get that Michael broke the guy code and the brother code.  BUT, Morgan needs to look at his own actions/take some of this on himself.  He blames his parents for being sent away.  Did he think about the fact that while he was away at school, Michael was in prison, was shot at (with Johnny), almost went into the mob and did not have a good life?  Did he think about the fact that the last event Morgan attended was Sonny/Brenda’s wedding – where the limo was blown up at the end?  Did he know about Kristina getting married under false pretenses and being held hostage because of their father?  He was at school – going on ski vacations, sailing and camping during his breaks.  I cannot feel sorry for him.

He started gambling.  Somehow the Jerome’s found out who he was (Carly changed his last name – so I am guessing Morgan was bragging about it on that message board where he met Kiki) and targeted him.  He came home, stole more money, acted like an ass to his brother, mooched off of everyone, lied repeatedly to his girlfriend, colluded with his girlfriend’s mother, married under false pretenses and then acted upset when it all fell apart.

But then he jumped into bed with his wife’s mother – the night of their breakup.  He has been having joyful romps all over her apartment – this is no heartbreak.  He acts just as in love with Ava as he did with Kiki.  He bought Ava and himself those cute stockings (did anyone notice that he filled his as well- is he still using Ava’s credit card).  Then, he started working for a crime family – does he know the rule that you can’t get out of the mob – against his father.  Now he has shot Max – and still acts like the world is out to get him.  I think the actor is doing a fantastic job with the role, but I cannot be on Morgan’s side.

This blog is already super long and I haven’t touched the Franco/Carly/Heather mess, my opinions on Anna/Duke/Robert or anything else.  That’s okay – we have reruns tomorrow.  I will recap today’s episode later.

Hope you like the blog – let me know your thoughts.

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