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gourmez3By Becca

Look, I love Finola Hughes. I love that Anna Devane is getting plenty of screentime. I don’t love her romantic triangle with Duke and Luke, and I swear it’s not merely because I prefer her with Robert. Duke and Luke rhyme. Need I say more? I will. Anna had more chemistry with Fake Lavery than she does with Real Lavery. Did all of Duke’s passion and energy get transplanted into that mask?

I know, I know. It’s not fair of me to expect a vibrant Duke Lavery when he’s been drugged and imprisoned for years. But we already watched Fake Duke give Anna all the credit for making it through prison, so I don’t need Real Duke’s story to be exactly the same. It’s creepy. And when Luke gave his love for Anna the same credit, I gagged.

annas men

I didn’t buy Luke and Anna a year ago, and I don’t buy that she was his shining light in the darkness now. Does anyone see chemistry between them? And shouldn’t everyone be more freaked out about Robert’s condition? I would think Luke would find that more pressing than wooing Anna, Anna would find it more pressing than juggling love interests, and oh, Mac would get more than a five-second mention of it. Speaking of Mac, seeing him, Felicia, and Duke in the same room is pretty surreal.


I’m still not used to this boon of actor returns (Ned!). I know it’s in large part due to this year being the 50th anniversary of General Hospital, and I can’t wait to see who else pops up. Sure, some of the actors may be a little rusty, but we’ll welcome them with open arms anyway. I think Laura, Frisco, and Kevin are waiting in the wings, and I can only imagine how much fun their storylines will be. Here’s hoping more than a few stick around longer than the Nurses’ Ball.

So Connie’s newfound sensitivity now extends to excitement over Olivia’s engagement?

olivia connie engagment

I could buy that she has regrets over Trey, but I didn’t buy that tenderness for Olivia at all. I don’t know what they’re trying to do with Connie. Is she here for the long-term so her softening has begun? Is Sonny going to end up in a romantic triangle with two alters of the same character? The sheer lunacy of that could make me watch, I admit it.

We know Brooklyn Rae Silzer (Emma) is amazing.

Look at that pout!

Look at that pout!

But Emma has to stop being the primary motivating factor for Patrick to be interested in Sabrina. I don’t buy he would be interested in her at all beyond how nice she is. She’s babysat for Emma, what? Four times? That does not an unbreakable bond make! Nor does it hone her kid-finding sensors enough to know where to find Emma better than oh, her father or her grandmother. When Sabrina says, “What I feel for him, it goes way beyond a crush” –

sad sack sabrina

– what I say back is “You’re a sad sack.” She is in sore need of an interest outside of mooning over swoonworthy brain surgeons. And that interest should not be limited to engaging with Patrick’s daughter or planning an event to honor Patrick’s “dead” wife. Britt is beginning to look like the better option in this triangle. And her admitting to Emma that she doesn’t like her cracked me up.

It had been so long since every man in sight was in love with Carly that I forgot how much I loathed it. Does everyone need to comment on her haircut? Honestly, I think it looks the best from the back!

carly hair

In the past week, we’ve had both Johnny and Todd waxing poetic over her, AJ potentially working the seduction angle, and even Felix giving her a pep talk. Okay, I liked that last scene, but moderation in Carly praise goes a long way with me. I used to only be able to handle her with Jax, but in this age of Paternity Comeuppance, as I call it, I can take her a little easier because I enjoy watching her squirm. Pour on the praise, and all that progress gets dialed back.

Finally, Epiphany cracked me up with her bold, and some would say self-evident, assertion that John is not too hard on the eyes.

hot mcbain

Makes me wish I had a mini-Epiphany in my pocket, telling me when to make a move on a guy. My husband might not appreciate it, but I think I can safely say a world with an Epiphany in my pocket is a fantasy, so I’ll just imagine it could happen.

Prescription for Better Soap: Both Carly and Sabrina need less complimenting and more action to keep my interest. In Sabrina’s case, she needs outside interests fast, or I’ll be lost to her forever. Do a better job of selling Anna’s love life or dial it back in favor of police work or finding a cure for Robert. Keep those vet returns rolling. I don’t care how short their stays are. I want them all! And Epiphany unnerving John McBain needs to happen again and again.


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