Kimberly McCullough Interviews Her Co-Stars – GH

By Becca

As most of you know by now, I’m sure, Kimberly McCullough is set to exit General Hospital early in 2012 to pursue directing full time. As part of coming to terms with leaving GH again after this six-year stretch, she’s been taping and posting a series of interviews with her co-stars and coworkers. I think these are great, short glimpses of what it’s like behind the scenes at GH, and I hope she’s planning to post many more over the next few weeks! Here they are:

Bradford Anderson (Spinelli)

Jen Lilley (Temporary Maxie)

Steve Burton (Jason)

Debbie Morris (Our GH Fan Club president)

Dara (Kim’s make-up artist)

Jason Thompson (Patrick): This one’s short, so I’m willing to bet she’s doing more with him.

You can find all these videos on Kimberly’s Youtube channel, kimmeabreak.┬áHope you enjoy them! I’ll post more when she’s added a few more.

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