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tsjBy Carolyn Ridder Aspenson

I got nothin’ for a hook.  Sorry.

Seriously, that hook thing screws me up big time, every single time.  I think I need a standard hook like, “Read this, it’s really good” but that would be sort of egotistical and I’m trying to tone that down a little.  Oh well, you either get a hook or you don’t and today is just a no hook day.  Sorry, Katrina.

I’m so bummed about OLTL going off the air right now.  I’ve always thought it was the most interesting and best written of the shows.  Though there were a few stories I thought needed a big ole’ kick in the butt, generally speaking, I’ve enjoyed it the most.  Now that the show is going to that big world wide web and Lord knows what’s actually going to happen, the writing is fantastic and I’m enjoying it.

Except for this weekend, I’ve tried hard to stay away from the spoilers. I want to be surprised.  I want to feel that excitement I thought before we had the internet and all I got was a few bits and pieces from Soap Opera Digest.  I remember when Lucky blew up on GH, as a goodbye to JJ in character. I was so shocked it almost sent me into a depressive state.  Sure loved that boy then and still do.  I’m trying now to get back to that place of anticipation but I hate it.  I’m that girl that reads the end of the book before I start it because what if I die and don’t finish it?  Are there books in Heaven?  If not, I don’t want to spend my eternity not knowing how the book ended.  So yeah, this isn’t easy for me.

Of course, when I don’t feel a sense of control over something, I tend to make things up, stress out, expect the worst and plan for it, too.  Watching a soap doesn’t fit the same category as planning for and being prepared for a disaster of sorts but still, my mind is racing with thoughts.  I’m throwing them out there at you. I have no clue if any of them are going to come true but I can’t help but wonder.  So if any of this is already proven to not be true in anything you’ve read, my apologies. I’m just going with my thoughts here.

First of all, what if both “Todd” characters aren’t Todd at all?  What if they’re both impostors who have been brainwashed to believe they’re the real Todd?  And truthfully, who really would want to be Todd anyway?  What if that DNA test comes back as no way, not a chance,  for either of them?  Then where is Todd and what’s happened to him and how on God’s earth can they wrap it up before the show goes to the internet because I gotta tell you, I have no reason to believe that Roger plans to be an internet star.  And since Trevor is leaving, we know that right now, he’s not going to be one either.  What a bummer. I love looking at him.  I love the start of the show where he’s still got his ‘gasp’ mullet.  I’m not a mullet lover but he just looks much better to me with longer hair.  And shirtless.  BUT…if the man with the scar is Todd, then my guess is Viki is going to be the first one to believe it.  I also think then that Tea will head out the door with fake-Todd and love and forgive him for screwing with her head. She’s weak like that.

Next thought in my head is, there is no way they’re going to ruin my most favorite too good to be true character Rex and make him a nutcase.  Nope. They can’t.  If they do, I might just have to go postal on them.  I also don’t want to think that Gigi is a ghost because I hate that type of story line more than time travel and aliens.  So who got their face changed and is Gigi or did they take someone else’s heart and stick it inside Clint? I can’t think that is true because based on the ‘love’ I thought she felt for Rex, ain’t no way that woman wouldn’t let her almost husband know she was still alive.  Yep, it’s got to be someone pretending to be her.  But that would mean that someone would have to have had their face changed to look like her and really, do we need TWO stories like that?  This then, helps to validate the thought above, that neither of the Todd characters are actually Todd.  See how my mind works? It’s very confusing.  Even for me.  And besides, who would want to be Gigi?  Oh God.  I think I might know.  Please, no. That is NOT going to happen.

Last but not least is Destiny.  What’s going to happen to the baby? She could very likely transfer over to the internet but are we going to get closure before then?  And if we do, does that closure include Matthew? And what happened to the ‘different’ Matthew? By different, did they mean non-verbal, lying in a bed or more Jason from GH-like?  Someone please do something with this story line and quick! Time is awastin’!

My head is full now. That’s all I got. I’m sure after tomorrow, I’ll have more but for now this is the stupid stuff that goes through my head when I can’t sleep at night and since I’m apparently THISCLOSE to going through ‘the change’, I’m not sleeping much these days.

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